Business Rates Appeals

Every ratepayer has the right to appeal the Rateable Value of their property once in the life of the Rating List.

The Rateable Value is set by the Valuation Office once every 5 years and is based on the Rental Value of your property for a term of 1 year (although the existing Revaluation was delayed by 2 years to the 1st of April 2017). For a more detailed explanation please have a look at our guide to rating by clicking here.

At Rowland Burkitt we first evaluate the accuracy of your existing Rateable Value and subsequently advise on whether an appeal is appropriate. A property’s Rateable Value can go up as well as down following an appeal and this is a fact many business owners are not aware of. We have specialist knowledge in retail, offices and industrial units and over the past 28 years have acted on behalf of companies of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors.

The way in which Appeals are made will change significantly from the 1st of April 2017 with a “Check, Challenge, Appeal” process being introduced. More details on this can be found on this page. Details of this new system are still to be confirmed and the Government's consultation paper can be found here.

Our Current Process (to 31st of March 2017)

1. We will inspect your property and reconcile all facts against the Valuation Office’s existing assessment, from which your Rateable Value is calculated.

2. We will evaluate local market evidence to determine the accuracy of your valuation.

3. Following this a recommendation will be made as to whether to proceed and lodge a proposal.

4. If a decision is made to proceed a formal proposal will be lodged with the Valuation Office.

5. The appeal will be allocated a window of time during which the appeal can be discussed with the Valuation Office.

6. Depending on the progress of these discussions a decision will be made to either withdraw or agree the appeal. If no agreement with the Valuation Office can be reached then the appeal will progress to Tribunal.

Our fee basis is strictly success related and there will be no fee due if there are no savings as a result of the appeal. 

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