Howarth Timber

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Howarth Timber
Business Rates, Lease Advisory, Business Rates Administration
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Industrial properties, Offices, Docks, Land
The Howarth Timber Group have been established for over 175 years and there are distinct elements of the group.

There is a well established network of 31 Branches covering the length of the UK which provide building supplies to traders.

Howarth Timber Engineered Solutions is a leading timber engineering specialist, located at purpose-built sites strategically positioned across the UK.

Business Rates

2017 Rating List

Rowland Burkitt Chartered Surveyors were instructed to act on behalf of Howarth Timber for thew duration of the 2017 Rating List.

Undertaking the instruction involved inspecting all premises and, where appropriate, lodging appeals on our client's behalf.

In our advisory capacity we have assisted Howarth Timber in idenitifying and securing reliefs and grants that have been made available as a result of Covid-19.

Lease Advisory

Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews

We have act for Howarth Timber in negotiating Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews across the portfolio.

The portfolio is under constant review and we advise our clients of upcoming Lease Expiry dates, Break dates, and Rent Reviews whether they are Landlord or Tenant. A comprehensive understanding of each Lease is required to ensure that notices are served in the correct manner and in a timely fashion. We also advise our client on other matters related to occupancy such as repair obligations.

For each property we first perform a thorough review of the local market. Then, in consulation with our client and with market data in hand, we have determined clear objectives before starting negotiations.

Lease Regears

In certain instances there has been the opportunity to regear a lease. At the heart of every lease regear mutual benefit for Landlord and Tenant is key, therefore a sophisticated approach is required to secure the most beneficial outcome for both parties.