Lease Renewals

We act on behalf of Landlords and Tenants in the field of lease renewals of commercial and industrial property. 

These negotiations differ from rent reviews in that all the main terms of the lease can be looked at, not just the rent. Unlike most rent reviews, which are upward only, rents can go down at lease renewal as well as up and this is why the specialist advice we offer can be of such value to you.

  • Initial lease evaluation to establish whether the tenancy is protected under the Landlord & Tenant Act.
  • Planning and execution of statutory notices in conjunction with your legal representation.

  • Full inspection of your property and analysis of comparable market transactions.

  • Negotiations with the Landlord/Tenant.

  • Recommendations as to the best course of action, i.e. settle or seek court proceedings.

  • Expert witness reports and representation in court - if required.

  • Liaising with your legal representation over the content and terms of the new lease.

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